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Our cosmosWe Are Stars – 3D

A magical journey through space and time in 3D - recommended for ages 10 and older.

We Are Stars - 3D

This 360°, 3D, high-frame rate experience seeks to answer some of the biggest questions of all time. What are we made of? Where did it all come from?

Explore the secrets of our cosmic chemistry, our explosive origins, and connect life on Earth to the evolution of the Universe. We join the Time Master narrated by Hollywood superstar Andy Serkis, a Victorian gent with his very own time tent who whisks us off on a 13.8 billion year journey. With expert input from leading scientists, cosmologists, astrophysicists, astrochemists, planetary scientists, and astrobiologists we present humanity's current understanding of where everything, including us, came from.

The soundtrack features an original immersive score by acclaimed New Zealand composer Rhian Sheehan.
A production of the National Space Center Creative Studios.


- Best Show – Fiske Fulldome Festival 2016

- Directors Award – Jena Fulldome Festival 2016

-Official Selection – Fulldome UK 2016

Recommended for ages 10 and older. 45 minutes
Shown regularly. Available in English, French, and Spanish, please check in at the reception desk for wireless audio service. Live parts not translated.
12.50 € / 8.50 €

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