Our cosmosSecret of the Cardboard Rocket

Embark on a fascinating journey to the planets - age 6 and up

Secret of the Cardboard Rocket

Embark on an amazing adventure as two children spend a night touring the solar system alongside their ship’s navigator, a talking astronomy book. This continues to be one of the most popular shows in the fulldome industry world-wide.

Three things are essential for a fantastic trip through the solar system: a cardboard rocket, a helpful astronomy textbook, and a measure of imagination. The rocket is quickly built from some cardboard box. Load the cargo balloons filled with fresh air, a board computer made from a shoebox, the astronomy book from the library – don the helmets and here we go! The adventurous journey takes the young astronauts past the Sun, to the terrestrial planets and the giant gas balls with their nice rings. The trip is not without risks, but the astronomy book helps them survive all dangerous situations.


Recommended for children aged 6 and up. 45 minutes
Available in English, please check in at the reception desk for wireless audio service. Live parts in German, not translated.
Shown regularly.
12 € / 7.50 €


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