Our worldAurora – Lights of Wonder

Wonderful shapes and colors in the arctic sky - recommended for ages 12 and older.

Aurora - Lights of Wonder

The Aurora is the greatest wonder a human can experience in nature. Now, you can experience the actual aurora with the world’s first 4K x 4K real-time VR video. Animations and CG were used to depict
auroral myths and science behind the aurora.

Join the amazement, watch auroras from the International Space Station and learn about the phenomenon, the coloring, auroral mythology, the best places to see them, auroral shapes, auroras on other planets, and the latest scientific breakthroughs on the topic.

Recommended for ages 12 and older. 45 minutes
Available in English, please check in at the reception desk for wireless audio service. Live parts in German, not translated.
Shown regularly.
11 € / 7 €

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