Reservation of wheelchair spaces

For wheelchair users we have special seats in the Sternensaal.
Please use our telephone booking:

+49 (40) 428 86 52 - 10



Recommended age



All our shows are available in German. In addition, shows marked with flag icons are partly or fully available in the depicted languages using audio guides.

Our worldAurora – Lights of Wonder

Next date: Sun., 30.06.2019

Our starsBest of Deep Space Night

Next date: Fri., 28.06.2019
Image© ESO

Our cosmosEurope to the Stars

Next date: Thu., 27.06.2019

Our cosmosLamps of Atlantis

Next date: Thu., 11.07.2019

Our starsLichtmond - Days of Eternity

Next date: Sat., 13.07.2019

Our starsLichtmond - Universe of Light

Next date: Sun., 28.07.2019

Our cosmosMars 1001

Next date: Sat., 20.07.2019

Our cosmosPhantom of the Universe

Next date: Wed., 03.07.2019

Our starsQueen Heaven - The Original

Next date: Sun., 30.06.2019

Our cosmosRobot Explorers 3D

Next date: Fri., 26.07.2019

Our starsRockstars Reloaded

Next date: Sun., 30.06.2019

Our cosmosSecret of the Cardboard Rocket

Next date: Tue., 02.07.2019

Our worldSupervolcanoes

Next date: Sat., 29.06.2019

Our starsThe Cosmic Wall

Next date: Sat., 13.07.2019

Our worldThe Green Planet 3D

Next date: Thu., 08.08.2019

Our cosmosThe Little Star That Could

Next date: Thu., 27.06.2019
ImageThe New Infinity. Neue Kunst für Planetarien © Berliner Festspiele, Makusu Matsutake

Our starsTHE NEW INFINITY Chapter 2

Next date: Tue., 13.08.2019

Our cosmosWe Are Stars – 3D

Next date: Sun., 30.06.2019