Reservation of wheelchair spaces

For wheelchair users we have special seats in the Sternensaal.
Please use our telephone booking:

+49 (40) 428 86 52 - 10


The view to other planets, stars and galaxies.


Recommended age



All our shows are available in German. In addition, shows marked with flag icons are partly or fully available in the depicted languages using audio guides.

Our cosmosCapcom Go! The Apollo Story

Next date: Thu., 20.06.2019
Image© ESO

Our cosmosEurope to the Stars

Next date: Thu., 20.06.2019

Our cosmosLamps of Atlantis

Next date: Thu., 11.07.2019

Our cosmosMars 1001

Next date: Sat., 20.07.2019

Our cosmosPhantom of the Universe

Next date: Tue., 18.06.2019

Our cosmosRobot Explorers 3D

Next date: Fri., 26.07.2019

Our cosmosSecret of the Cardboard Rocket

Next date: Thu., 20.06.2019

Our cosmosThe Little Star That Could

Next date: Wed., 19.06.2019

Our cosmosWe Are Stars – 3D

Next date: Wed., 19.06.2019