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The Man from the 9 Dimensions 3D

From the world of elementary particles to the most distant regions of the universe - the journey beyond the known dimensions begins now! How does the universe work? How did it begin? We are still searching for answers, and scientists hope to find them in TOE – the "Theory of Everything". But who or what is TOE? If TOE could be "captured" all mysteries of the physical world would be solved...

Be ready for a whole new look into the cosmos full of vibrating strings and hidden dimensions to be surprised. Takashi Shimizu, the guru of horror films ("The Grudge"), uses the latest scientific data and theories to visualize the world as it appears according to the laws of theoretical physics. He creates a spectacular new kind of 360-degree scientific experience in 3D.

The viewer is taken on the hunt for TOE, based on the Theory of Everything, personified by actor James Sutherland. Scientists are finally able to locate TOE. But once they try to catch him, he escapes with ease. But the viewers can follow him: he says "Welcome to my world" and invites us on a fantastic journey. He traverses space and time, from the world of the infinitesimal to the vastness of the macroscopic world of the immense universe, and from the present through the distant past to the birth of the universe in the Big Bang. Will the scientists be able to catch him?

Hirosi Ooguri, professor of theoretical physics and one of the world's leading experts on string theory, has had a particularly strong influence on this immersive production as a scientific advisor. He helped describe scientific concepts in a way that even non-expert laypeople can enjoy the work. But even well-informed science fans consider the result to be inspiring and worth seeing, because many interesting scientific concepts have been incorporated into this project at the same time.

The masterpiece was honored with the Best Educational Production Award at the Fulldome Festival of the International Planetarium Society (IPS) in Brno/Czech Republic in 2016 and as Best 3D Show at the Immersive Film Festival in Portugal in 2017.

Scientific advisor: Hirosi Ooguri
Director: Takashi Shimizu (“The Grudge” “Kiki’s delivery service”)
Planning,Production,and Copyright: Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation https://www.miraikan.jst.go.jp/sp/9dimensions/en/

Recommended for ages 12 and older. 45 minutes
Available in English, please check in at the reception desk for wireless audio service. Live parts in German, not translated.
Shown regularly.
13.50 € / 9 €

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