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Our starsSee You on the Dark Side of the Moon

Tribute to one of the most successful rock bands of all time: Pink Floyd.

See you on the dark side of the moon

A tribute to one of the most successful bands of all times: Pink Floyd. A trip into a tremendous, three-dimensional world of images and pictures, all projected on the huge dome-screen of Planetarium Hamburg in an intriguing composition.

This is not a mere film screening but a performance, in which images, stars, and real-time laser beam-effects combine to the ultimate trip into the universe of Pink Floyd. “See You on the Dark Side of the Moon” is a journey into cosmic and human abysses – with classics as “Time”, “Money”, “Us and Them”, and “Eclipse”. Enjoy bombastic sound and fantastic visions all over the dome.

Shown regularly. Recommended for ages 16 and older. 55 minutes
No language-skills required.
13,- €

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05.07. Fri 10:45 pm Available
12.07. Fri 9:30 pm Available
16.07. Tue 9:00 pm Available
18.07. Thu 9:45 pm Available
25.07. Thu 9:30 pm Available
27.07. Sat 9:00 pm Available
02.08. Fri 9:00 pm Available
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Während der Hamburger Schulferien ist das Planetarium auch montags geöffnet, jeden Wochentag aber erst ab 12 Uhr!