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For wheelchair users we have special seats in the Sternensaal.
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Our starsle voyage abstrait feat. Mousse T.

House Art meets French Chill Out

le voyage abstrait feat. Mousse T.

A new opportunity to experience Sound Pilot Raphaël Marionneau with a giant of the international music scene, Mousse T., live in the Planetarium. "I'm really happy to be back in the planetarium. As an artist it is the highest of emotions to pair one's music with visual delight ", explains Mousse T. When a selection of classical, ambient, chillout, house and electronic music meets the visual possibilities of the planetarium, it is an evening full of emotions.
Mirko Schinke takes care of the lighting and laser vision that suits the music, while Thomas Kraupe choreographs the stars and visuals live.

Tickets: 29 €. Recommended for ages 16 and older. 90 minutes. No language-skills required.

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