Our starsle voyage abstrait

Starring sound-pilot Raphaël Marionneau (abstrait music). Visuals by Thomas W. Kraupe, laser show by Mirko Kloweit.

le voyage abstrait

Starring sound-pilot Raphaël Marionneau (abstrait music). An abstract journey into the cosmos, led by our own dreams, featuring a wide range of music from classical sounds to electronic French chill-out. The journey will take you through millions of light years in only a few seconds, and you will come to see regions of the universe you have not even dreamt of before.

This multimedia-show was created by Raphaël Marionneau (le café abstrait), Thomas W. Kraupe and Simon Böttcher (Planetarium Hamburg), and is one of the most popular and successful musical programs in town. It is the first event ever to combine the skills of a live-performing DJ with the full range of projection technologies of a planetarium. “le voyage abstrait” triggers a new range of emotions.

The album “le voyage abstrait” and the dvd “le café abstrait” can be purchased at our shop. Further information on Raphaël Marionneau: www.abstrait.de/voyage.

Shown once a month. Recommended for ages 16 and older. 120 minutes
No language-skills required.
20 €

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