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Mike Batt's magic universe

Voices In The Dark - New Version

Believe in what you see. Or take nothing at face value: While gliding through surreal dream worlds with floating islands, the viewer immerses in a magical universe in which reality seems to be constantly morphing into something else altogether. A chessboard mutates into metropolis that seems to permanently reconstruct itself. A desert landscape turns out to be a crowd of people, or is it a projection screen? Frescoes begin to live and tell their story. Tarot cards come to life, a postcard forms the gateway to a sunken city, and ballet dancers float in virtual worlds. A symphony of sounds, images and emotions takes the viewer into a mysterious new universe.

Experience a fascinating world that comes to life through the music of Mike Batt. A team of world-leading 3D designers, draftsmen and video artists have combined Batt's epic-musical works with spectacular 360-degree imagery for the Star Dome. "Voices in the Dark - New Version" takes you to completely new audiovisual dimensions and surprises you time after time until the very last minute. In Planetarium Hamburg, you will experience this award-winning masterpiece from 2008 in a revised, redesigned and edited version which contains new sequences, including the world hits "Bright Eyes" and "Lady of the Dawn".

Mike Batt is one of the most successful composers and music producers of our time. His work ranges from world hits such as "Bright Eyes" (for Art Garfunkel) and "Nine Million Bicycles" (for Katie Melua) to film music (such as "Watership Down", "Caravans") to musicals and symphonic works. With Andrew Lloyd-Webber he wrote arrangements for "The Phantom of the Opera". He conducted such world famous orchestras as the London Symphony Orchestra. In 2013, he was awarded the Royal Victorian Order by the Queen. Mike Batt's music and his lyrics are the ideal emotional sound framework for this breathtaking planetarium show.


Shown regularly. Recommended for ages 16 and up. 50 minutes
No language-skills required.
13 €

The next dates


We plan resume public presentations at Planetarium Hamburg at the 1st of July.